Friday, May 23, 2008

Incredible Scooter Trip

No, not us. Here is a link to a blog you gotta follow. This guy is riding a scooter (scooters) from Vietnam through China, Mongolia, across Russia and all over Europe. He is only a few days into his trip and has had quite a journey so far. Since he could not use his own scooter for the first part of the trip due to import issues, he rented and purchased a small bike to use in Vietnam and China, but has been forced to use the train for some of his trip.

Waiting for him in Korea is his Suzuki Burgman that he will use on the majority of the trip. A Burgman! Just like mine except his is the 650 instead of the 400.

If you like adventure, follow along. I think it will be more interesting than following Tioga George in Israel.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

GPS Suggestions

Until it broke a few months ago, I used my Ipaq with CoPilot software running on it as a GPS system for my scooter. It looks like it would cost more to fix the Ipaq than it is worth so I am thinking about buying a new GPS. This would be only for use on the scooter so it needs to be small and pretty hardy. I have been looking at the Garmin Nuvi line, especially the 200 since I don't really need anything fancy and that is the lowest cost of that line.

After reading all the reviews I can find, I am more confused than ever. I really like the CoPilot software because it is exactly the same as what I run on my laptop and I am very comfortable with it. Some of the reviews make the Nuvi line sound like it is not nearly as good as what I am used to, but I can't see spending $500+ for another unit.

Do any of my trusty, educated, extremely well versed and technologically gifted readers have any experience with a GPS they would recommend?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

I am sitting here eating a very healthy salad for lunch so I can eat a very unhealthy, but very yummy, chocolate chip cookie for dessert. Richard watches Alton Brown's "Good Eats" show and recently he did a program on chocolate chip cookies. No matter what kind you prefer he has a recipe for it. We like them soft and chewy and this is the recipe for it. There's even a gluten-free recipe! He always uses kosher salt and unsweetened butter but I just used salted butter. It doesn't mention it in the recipe but the brown sugar should be the dark kind and it should be packed.

We've also made his meat loaf. It has a lot of ingredients in it and the glaze is different but it was really good, too. If you make it make sure you don't over bake it (like we did)! There's nothing worse than dried out meat loaf.