Saturday, June 25, 2005

Scooter Trip

This morning Dom and I rode the scooter up to Lake Texoma. We even crossed the bridge just so we could say we were in Oklahoma!

I don't know if he slept last night or not since he was so excited about going. I got to their house about 9:15 and we suited up. I borrowed a blue ice from Chris to put in the little soft sided cooler I purchased at Wal-Mart last night. Figured we would want something cool to drink.

We made our first stop after about 20 miles so we could buy our drinks. I got my usual Diet Dr. Pepper and Dom got some blue stuff. We drank some and put the bottles in our cooler. The next stop was about 20 miles further up the road at McDonalds. Dom told me he had not eaten breakfast so we he had a breakfast Happy Meal. I had some more coffee.

Then on up the road another 15 miles to the lake. We skipped rocks for a while and then rode around to some of the marinas, one of which has a grass landing strip with several planes tied down. We also stopped by the Thousand Trails to see if a guy who works with me was there. He spends most weekends at his trailer there. He wasn't.

On the way back we stopped for gas and lunch. Dom was not really hungry so he just ate a candy snack while I had roasted chicken. We did not stop again on the way home, but did wander off the main route to drive through the old downtown part of Pilot Point. Neat old Texas town.

Dom was getting pretty tired by the time we got back at about 2 PM. In fact, I think he would have been sleeping if he hadn't had to hang on. He really enjoyed the trip and it gave Papa and Dom some good time for bonding.

The total trip was about 150 miles and was the first long trip I have taken. Scooter ran great, was comfortable (considering the heat) and used less than $5 in fuel. Great fun.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Jet Setters

Richard left for Boston today and I'm off to Arizona to help Mom untangle her genealogy files - again - tomorrow! He'll be back Thursday evening and I fly home on the 28th.

Chris has applied at the Peterbilt plant here. He passed the aptitude test and then was called back for an interview about a month ago. He thought he did well at it but didn't know for sure. Richard received a phone call from them today regarding a reference for him so he must have done fine on the interview. When he took the aptitude test he talked to someone else taking it who has a friend who just got hired on. It was nine months from the time he took the test so he thought it might be awhile.

Dayna told me that they are gearing up for greater output so they might be hiring sooner than nine months from now - hopefully. He's talked to others who work there and they all have nothing but good to say about it. The only reason people leave is to retire and advancement is unlimited. They will pay for college if he wants to get into management someday. He's already maxed out on salary at Meade so he's anxious for a change.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day

Richard didn't have much of a Father's Day weekend. He spent it outside in the hot, humid weather doing chores around the house. We got the boat out yesterday anticipating a day at the lake today and had to do some maintenance on it as well.

Dom had been complaining of an earache all week and Dayna got him in to see a doctor yesterday who diagnosed a middle ear infection, moving to the outer ear. Another day and it would probably have burst his ear drum. He had been about the same all week but overnight it got unbearable. So he's on antibiotics, a decongestant and ear drops.

He was still feeling very poorly today so we didn't go out on the boat. Deidra did go swimming in our pool and Dom got in just to cool off. We had a Bar-B-Que with them and had a good visit.

Dayna had to leave by early evening to get back to her studies. I think she only has a little over a year to finish up. It's been a long haul but she's done great and is finally getting into some classes that relate directly to her major.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

It's White!

I took the grandkids to the water park yesterday after swimming lessons. It's the neatest center which has a natatorium that has indoor pools for swimming lessons and meets, a slide at the end of the children's pool and three diving boards in the big pool for lessons, playing and meets. Then outside they have four slides, a lazy river and a children's section. It was a BOGOF day sponsored by Sonic Drive In and they had lots of games and prizes for the kids.

Deidra and Dominic finished up swimming lessons today. She finally got her dive figured out on her last day and Dom was able to do the freestyle w/breathing. Hurray! The last day is a play day so Dom had a good time going down the slide and jumping off the diving board. Couldn't get him to try diving though.

We picked up our truck this afternoon. It is really pretty - looks so much better than that red! We're going to get some decals put on later on to tie it in with our 5th wheel. Next is getting the bed for it, sometime next month.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Motorcycle Safety Class & More Embroidery

Yesterday and today I took the Motorcycle Safety Course. It was 2 very hot and tiring days!

They have a two courses; a beginners and an experienced riders course. You need to take the beginners if you want the certificate that exempts you from taking the riding part of the TX test and I figured the class might teach me something I did not know, even though I have been riding for over 40 years. It was worth the experience. The classwork emphasized things I already know, but it was good to have them refreshed anyway. The riding part was done at a high school parking lot where they have the course marked out. The school provides 250 cc Honda motorcycles to use, but since I had my scooter there they allowed me to use it instead. This was really what I wanted to do. The controls on the scooter are very different from a motorcycle (no clutch, rear brakes where the clutch should be, and a very different size and shape) and I wanted to really get experience handling it in emergencies. Taking the class on a motorcycle would not help reinforce that.

The beginners class was just that. There were six of us in the class. Two had never been on a motorcycle before, one had ridden one a couple times, and three of us were in our 50's who had just gotten back into riding again. There was a written test after the 4 hours of lecture and videos, which of course I got the only 100 on. Interestingly, one of the girls (17) who had never ridden before got the only other perfect score on the riding test (you know who got the other perfect score) and one of the over 50 guys was absolutely the worst. I am really afraid he might hurt himself if he goes through with his plans to get a bike and ride it on the road.

I think a lot of people, including the instructor, were pretty impressed with what you can do with these Suzuki Burgman scooters. The low center of gravity makes them more stable in slow speed manuevers than motorcycles and high speed manuevers are about the same as a regular motorcycle. The only thing I discovered was that I cannot lay it down as far as a motorcycle in a turn. I actually hit a couple of 2 inch high cones with the fairing as I went around them on some of the cornering manuevers.

It was fun to do, but the high heat (93+) and no shade made it rather miserable.

While I was playing all weekend, Dianna was busy with Mom's blouses. Here is a look.

Mom, you will get to see them in person in just a week or so.

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Swimmin' and Scootin'

Yep, that's all it took. Dom was swimming like a fish by the of the second session. He just doesn't think parents (and, obviously, grandparents) are teachers!

There are only two girls in the diving class so Deidra is getting good individualized attention. She's finding it difficult to get the steps, bounces and arm motions all coordinated. I never learned how to dive properly either so can imagine her frustration. She gets to go off the high dive which scared her to death the first few times!

Dom's jealous that she gets to do that so I told him if he continues to do well in this class and really learn all his strokes I'll let him take diving lessons later. He's really motivated now!

Richard drove the scooter to work today for the first time. He had to go on I-35 for just a few miles to get over Lewisville Lake on the bridge. Then he got off and went side streets the rest of the way, getting to work about the same time as he does going on the interstate and turnpike.

The windshield he ordered came while he was in RI. It comes up higher, blocking his face and hands from the wind, which made a huge difference. Our helmets, which had to be ordered, came in yesterday so he had that for more wind protection as well.

Monday, June 6, 2005

Swim lessons

Deidra and Dominic started swimming lessons today. Well, actually, just Dom. Deidra's taking diving lessons. I can't get him to swim properly with breathing so figured he'd learn better from a "real" teacher.

While we were at lessons Richard picked up the trailer to take to OK to get our dining room set. As soon as the kids were finished we took off and were up there before 3:30. Got it all loaded by 4:30 and went out for frozen custard with Robin, Ken, Megan and Steven before we left.

It was good to see them as who knows when the next time will be. We've been able to visit them several times since we moved to TX as they are only about 2½ hrs. from here. It was our first visit with Steven - such a cutie! And Megan has really sprouted!! She's two years younger than Dom and just a tad shorter. She's definitedly taking after her mommy.

Sunday, June 5, 2005

Home from RI

The temperature actually got up to over 70 degrees for the first time in RI! It was about 85 when he left but was predicted to be back in the 60's by late afternoon due to a wind change.

I picked Richard up at the airport this afternoon about two hours later than sheduled. They left an hour late due to weather in Dallas. The whole airport was about two hours behind schedule today so there was no gate for them to go to when they landed. They sat on the tarmac for an hour waiting for a gate to open up. He had planned on getting home early to get some jobs done around the house but that two hour delay really put him behind.

He just loves flying anymore - NOT! He had to sit in the plane for 45 minutes at the gate last Thursday on his way to RI while a strap was repaired in the cargo hold.

We're going up to Robin and Ken's tomorrow to pick up our dining room set. They have been "storing" it for us for the past four years I guess it is. Can't believe it's been that long! Dayna didn't have space for it and R&K said they'd be glad to keep it until we could bring it here. Dayna and Chris have reorganized their house so will have room for it now. The timing worked out fantastic as Robin and Ken will be leaving in a couple of weeks for their new home in Alaska.

Saturday, June 4, 2005

Embroidery Time

I've been embroidering like mad the last two days trying to get three shirts done for Mom. I got two finished, one has a basket of sunflowers and the other is a barn with windmill. I can't finish the last one until I get more bobbin thread. It's going to be a covered bridge. Then I'm going to do t-shirts for the 4th of July. I won't have as hard a time figuring out colors with those - mostly red, white and blue!

Friday, June 3, 2005

The Royals lost

We took the Volvo to be painted today. It will be white when we see it next, in about 10 days. That means Richard will have to ride the scooter to work for a few days. I know he'll enjoy it but I'm not anxious to have him out there on the freeways in it.

Well, they lost last night in as close a game as they won Tuesday. It made for a very exciting tournament. Dom was in tears - hasn't learned how to be a good sport about it yet.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

They won!

Dom got an honor roll report card! I'm sure Christine did, too, but we haven't heard from them. She's usually a straight A student. Deidra didn't do quite as well but did improve from the first of the year which is good.

Dom's team, the Royals, won last night in a real nail biter! It was down to the last out in the last inning and they pulled it out!! So they play again on Thurs. By then Richard will be in RI so he'll miss the game.

Happy Birthday, Mom!