Sunday, August 28, 2005


Our blog started getting hit with spam about the same time Donna's did, so I installed the same security tool she and Don are using. I had some issues getting it installed properly, but Don's second pair of eyes helped me find my typo. Thanks Don.

Most of the spam I get is related to prescription drug sales. I don't know why that seems to be so prevalent, but I get almost no pornographic spam at all. Can you imagine how productive these spammers could be if they focused their talent on something beneficial? People say they wouldn't do it if it were not profitable, but I cannot imagine who would look at this stuff seriously, never mind actually responding to these sales pitches.

I don't know what the answer is to this, but it seems something needs to be done. I know it is very difficult to police even if there were legislation in place, since much of it comes from outside the US, but why should we be surrendering so much of our bandwidth and disk space to these people without a fight?

Anyone have any thoughts about this?


  1. I watched a Dateline segment on a man who did nothing all day long but read his spam and respond and buy stuff. He loved it. Hard to fathom people like him, but they're the ones who make the web world profitable for spammers.

    There should be an opt-out law though, like they have finally made against telemarketers. It'll be years before it comes about, though, I'm betting.

    Boy, now junk mail doesn't seem so bad does, it?

  2. Microsoft and others are working on a new protocol for email that makes it harder to hide the source.

    There are other ideas being kicked around too, such as charging 1/10 cent for each email. Normal people would never notice, but those sending out millions of messages per month would feel it. Of course then they would just create zombie bots that would invade your computer and force it to send the email for them...