Wednesday, July 19, 2006

New Job, etc.

It's not often you get a promotion after only being on the job for two weeks - but that's what has happened to Dayna! She started her new position (at a cut in pay) July 3rd. Monday she was called in and told her supervisor is quitting and they are not going to replace him. They want her to take over most all duties except supervisory ones in a new job they are creating for her at an increase in pay. When she graduates next May they will give her the supervisor's position (it's an accountant's position) at another increase in salary. She really loves the company as they have done so much for her in finding a job for her that will allow her to continue to work for them.

The family has agreed, after much conversation, that we need to have caregivers in at least eight hours a day, seven days a week for Mom and Dad. They only are getting between three & four hours now six days a week. Mom doesn't have the strength to stand and prepare meals and has finally recognized her temendous need. She doesn't want to hear that she can't drive anymore and this will solve the problem of their transportation needs as well. I called Mom's home health agency to ask them to look for some people to fill the need. They're going to get back with me in the next couple of days.

I've requested physical therapy for both parents as they are so very frail. My hope is they will get stronger and have a much better quality of life. Daddy has expressed an interest in getting a dog which we all think is great. Since he can't hear or see very well, trying to communicate with him is next to impossible. This will give him a hobby and somebody to get him out of bed for.

Deidra had her tonsils out today. I just talked at her - she sounds so miserable, poor thing. She's been quite a snorer so hopefully this will help that problem as well.


  1. Congratulations to Dayna. She looks like a woman on the way up.

    What is she graduating from in May? (Did I miss something?)

  2. Way to go, Dayna!

    Sounds like Dom and Deidra went home. Hope Deidra's tonsillectomy makes as much improvement for her as it did for Lauren. She was a tremendous snorer too, until she had tonsils and adenoids out. It's sure not a fun surgery, but the benefits are worth it.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you as you seek care-giver solutions for Carl & Betty.

  3. Daryl, guess you've forgotten she's at University of Phoenix on-line.

    It looks like we have the care-giver situation taken care of which I am grateful for as we leave a week from Monday.

    Deidra is still not eating or drinking & is very nauseous. Sure hope Dayna can get her something today to help her.