Sunday, September 10, 2006

Your speed is ....

Most of you have probably seen the radar trailers that police set up to inform you of your speed. They are usually used when the speed limit drops quickly around a construction site or where they have a big speeding problem. Well, the State Park here has such a trailer.

When we first arrived we were given the electric cart we use. As we checked it out with the ranger we quickly discovered that most of the lights did not work. I told the ranger I would look at it and within a day I had everything working. The marine environment here had caused a lot of corrosion in switches and contacts that just took some sanding and WD-40.

The rangers were very impressed that I was able to get it all working so quickly and a couple days ago they asked me if I would look at the radar trailer. They said it worked up until about a year ago and several people had looked at it but no one knew much about it. They dropped it off last night and I looked it over this morning. I had no idea that ocean air could cause so much damage. Almost every wire is rusted through at the terminal strips and connections. In addition, the three batteries that run the unit are completely dead. It's hard to say if they died of old age or because the solar battery charger was disconnected.

Fixing this is going to be a real challenge. Since they have no manuals or schematics for it I told them they would have to obtain them first. I found the manufacturers web site but they will only deal with police or public safety officers so the rangers will have to order those themselves. I gave them a report of my findings and provided them with a list of things I will need. If they can get it all together by the time we get back here next March I will have something to keep me busy for a few days.

Oh, one other thing.... the radar gun itself it missing. Duh! I hope they just took it out for safekeeping, but I doubt it. Without that, the whole trailer is a lost cause.


  1. Sounds like you've found a new job!

    Think what the ocean air must be doing to your truck and trailer. Maybe you shouldn't stay there too long.

  2. So did you ever get the radar trailer working?

  3. Nope. We left there on Monday and they had not found the radar gun yet. We plan to return sometime after the first of the year and they hope to find it by then. If not, they may have to buy a new one.

    We are in Las Vegas now. Will update everyone on what we are doing, but you know we can't say much. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

  4. I might be coming through there on Saturday night (on my way home from Boise). Where are you staying and how long are you there?