Thursday, March 22, 2007

Widener family updates

I just got back from spending a few days with my folks. My dad had another cancer surgery on Monday. This time it was on his back. It was probably the biggest tumor that's been removed. The incision is about 5" long and he's recovering nicely.

My mom went in for a hearing exam yesterday and has "significant" hearing loss. So next month she goes in to be fitted for hearing aids, much to her dismay.

Greg, Julie & I told her a few weeks ago that we don't want her driving anymore. She tells everyone who will listen that her "kids won't let her drive anymore". She's still very angry about it. But she's obeying our request and that's all we can ask for.

I have to do some bragging now. Our niece, Patricia, was just accepted to MIT! That was her first choice of many Ivy League colleges so we are very thrilled for her. Her family is moving to Rochester, NY the first of July. They will be much closer which will be a blessing for her. Greg works for Xerox whose headquarters is in Rochester. The plant he's at has had a staff reduction from 5,000 to 500 employees so there's no room for further advancement for him in Santa Monica. Xerox is paying all their selling & moving costs which will help greatly.

Tina recently had her thyroid removed. She had a nodule on the side of her neck which they removed half of in January. The biopsy showed it was cancerous so they removed the remainder in February. Greg says if you have to have cancer, thyroid cancer is the best as it's the slowest growing. She's fully recovered and is back at work.

My mom and I went up to visit her brother Art, sister-in-law Mary and cousin Calvin who flew in from Nebraska (that's where the Flanagin siblings were all born) on Tuesday. Uncle Art has been a pilot for over 60 years, beginning with the Navy in WWII. He was part of the Berlin airlift operation. He's recently decided to sell his plane as he can't physically do the maintenance on it so this will be a major adjustment for him. I'm so grateful there are so many of my aging relatives still around and we can share family times.

Richard's snoozing and since I have no clue how to upload pictures new photos of recent embroidery projects will have to wait.


  1. Now that was some good and some bad news, wasn't it? Doesn't a move to Rochester for the Greg Widener family mean they will no longer be in CA near your folks? But good for Patricia (to get into MIT!), and I'm sure the family is happy for how all that is working out.

    Glad your dad is recovering well.

  2. How great for Patricia, but even with all that good, Tina doesn't need a thyroid problem. Tell your mom that hearing aides are just as wonderful as glasses, and we don't object to them.
    When I get my eyes, ears and teeth removed for the night, I can't hear, see or chew. Thank goodness for artificial aides!

  3. Thanks for the update, Dianna.
    MIT is pretty impressive -- it's very hard to get in there.

  4. Any news on a job for Chris?

    How's your father doing following his surgery?