Monday, April 30, 2007

Life Goes On

Things were pretty sad around here for a while. I just wish Don knew how many people missed him.

There is some good news regarding Don's dogs. Zulu was adopted by another park aide and Bernadette was adopted by a gal who works in the local vet's office. Both of them now have good homes, but they obviously miss Don very much.

It turns out that Don's brother lives in Brussels, Belgium. The "brother" living in Hawaii is a foster brother, and the Brussels brother is the one who came to take care of the arrangements. We had an opportunity to meet him and express our condolences.

Don left his motorhome and van to a friend here in San Clemente. She finally was able to remove them this past week. Seeing them sitting here in the park for a week and a half was hard on all the employees.

As we said, life goes on. Last Tuesday I had to make a quick trip to Dallas for a Wed. morning Dr.'s appointment. The whole trip took about 30 hours. It was my one year follow up on my back surgery. Everything is fine and I don't need to go back for another year. It was an expensive Dr.'s appointment. The actual appointment was cheap, but the airfare and rental car was not. I was in the Dr.'s office for less than 30 minutes total, including x-rays. The good part was being able to spend the night at Chris and Dayna's so I had a chance to see them and Deidra and Dom for a couple hours. Grandkid fixes are good.

There is not a lot else to report about activities here. We are working in the kiosk a couple days a week and just being lazy, hiking in the park or exploring on the scooter when we feel like it. The park opens for camping in about two weeks and the grandkids will be here in about three weeks. In four weeks we leave for Alaska!


  1. Sounds like things are going well. How are Deidra and Dom? I bet they are excited to come out as well.

    Have fun in Alaska!

  2. Anchorage is warmer than Buffalo these days, but you won't be on the coast all the time. Did you get any advice from the Holsingers?

  3. Glad to hear your back is doing well. I still have an occasional twinge in mine. Hope I'm not looking at surgery down the road, but if I do have to, at least I know it is a lot easier these days than it used to be.

    Wish I was going to Alaska this summer. You lucky ducks!

  4. Thanks Richard for your website and a link to the tragic end of Dons life. Any truth to the rumor down here in Oceanside that there is going to be a paddlout at San Onofre towards the end of July?Thanks again .John Corning 7602133553

  5. Betty and I would like to visit this Saturday, the 19th. We can be there sometime in the morning but because my wife never knows how she will feel when she gets up it's hard to say exactly when until that day.