Monday, October 22, 2007


We really need to catch this up to date!

We returned the next day to Algodones to get Dianna’s crown put in. The following morning we left for Mesa.

The drive to Phoenix was uneventful. We took a road we had not been on before from Gila Bend to Maricopa, then up to the 202 freeway, then the 101, then the 202 and up to Power Road. We went up into the foothills northeast of Mesa to Usery Mountain Park where we paid for four days camping. They have electric and water hookups, but no sewer. It is a nice place that is set up more like a campground than an RV park. There is lots of room between sites.

The next day we rode the scooter down to see Mom today and spent most of the afternoon with her. She seems to be doing very well.

Saturday morning we took a hike up to Wind Cave. It was 1.6 miles each way and a pretty good climb. We were both pooped when we got back. On the way down we saw a lady who had twisted an ankle. The fire department was bringing a stretcher up to get her.

About 4 PM we took the scooter to Donna’s house where we had dinner with her, Mom, and Daryl’s family. Even Derek came over for dinner. It was after 10 PM when we got home.

Sunday morning I rode the scooter over to Daryl’s and had him help me upgrade the blog to the newest version. It was a windy ride as a front was moving through and the temperature dropped about 10 to 15 degrees from the day before. While I was gone Dianna worked on embroidering a top for Mom.

We had planned to head toward Albuquerque Monday but the wind was forecast to be pretty bad up in the mountains so we decided to stay another day. We left the park about 11 and rode the scooter down to Mom’s where Dianna gave her a top she had embroidered for her. We stayed until about 3:30 when we went down to the WalMart at Superstition Springs so Dianna could get her hair cut.

After we got home we took a walk through the nature trail here at the campground and then had dinner. We spent the evening watching TV except for the few interruptions while I talked Carrie through burning a CD with some photos on it.

Looks like we will be heading east in the morning.

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