Sunday, December 9, 2007

Project Updates

I know it is probably not interesting for many readers, but after posting every day all summer I get to feeling guilty if I don't post every so often, even if there is nothing to say.

I already posted about the new TV. The next thing we did was change the arrangement of much of our kitchen storage. First, I built a shelving unit to place in the huge area where the old TV was located. I included some vertical compartments to store cookie sheets, cooling racks and pizza pans. There are also two large, tall shelves that provide places for cereal boxes, crackers, cookies and bags of chips.

That shelving unit allowed us to move all the things on the top shelf of the island so we put dividers and a small cubby unit I built for foil and baggies there. We then moved all the pots and pans from the bottom shelf of the island unit to the bottom drawer below the stove top. That opened up enough space for all the stuff that was in the top two drawers under the stove top.

Our island came with two drawers that opened from opposite sides. We have always used the drawer facing the kitchen for silverware, but the drawer facing the dinning area has just had a few cookbooks and manuals. We never thought it was too convenient. I got to looking at it while I was working with the shelves in the island and realized I could change the direction by removing the false front and reversing the glides. Now we have both drawers facing the kitchen and all the big utensils, like spatulas and potato mashers, are now located there instead of the container on the kitchen counter. Big improvement! With all the moving we now have two drawers with almost nothing in them. How neat is that in an RV? And, in time, we will figure out where we put everything without having to try three places. :-)

We then purchased our new Amana gas range. It has the largest oven available for RV use and required some work to make it fit where the old cook top and top two drawers were. This was the first time I have ever worked with Corian. Although it looks very much like a solid material, it is actually a kind of plastic. Regular wood tools work fine on it and create actual shavings. It does not melt like normal plastic would when drilled and cut.

The first thing our new oven was used for was to reheat Pizza! It worked great. Dianna is very happy to finally have a regular oven. The convection oven works well for many things, but it was not large enough and required us to be plugged in or run the generator while using it. This is much better.

We have a few more minor projects to complete before we leave here in late January. It is nice being near Chris and Dayna's because Chris has lot's of woodworking tools. I could not do the things I have done with his table saw, router, chop saw, drill press and sanders. And, it is fun making your home exactly the way you want it.


  1. I forgive you for not posting earlier and more often. You really have been busy!

  2. Wow, can't wait to see the "new" look. When you get here, you could continue on with your projects by sweet talking Mark and Daryl. Between them, they have just about all the tools you could ever need.

  3. Mark and Daryl might be receptive to "sweet talking" from you, but I think I will stick to just asking. I don't want to get punched out!

  4. I do not seek, nor will I accept, any sweet-talking from Richard.

    I don't know about Mark, but I don't have any wood working tools at all beyond a circular saw and drill. But you're welcome to use whatever I have.

    Where are you headed in Late January?

  5. I have all the wood working hand tools I need, including drill, circular saw, jigsaw, sander and reciprocating saw. Chris has a table saw and some of the other large tools that make it much easier to work on big pieces of plywood, etc.

    Our plans are to head west on Jan. 24 (after my Dr.'s appointment on the 23'rd), but not sure beyond that. It appears Dianna's Dad will be having some significant surgery in late January or early February and she wants to be there for that, although we had been planning on staying in the area around Yuma until April when we are scheduled to start at San Onofre again. Like most of our travel plans, our current plans are very tentative and flexible.

  6. Hey, a new header photo! Great! MUCH better than the rest stop. Love the mountains and trees.