Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh, my aching back

Our niece, Marie, took and passed her state boards last Wednesday and is now a licensed RN. She moved out of Mom & Dad's on Saturday to her apartment in Brea and started her new job at Anaheim General Hospital on Monday in the ICU department.

Mom wanted her carpets cleaned before moving furniture around so Mayela, their caregiver, and I moved furniture & "stuff" all day Monday before the cleaners came on Tuesday. The contract said they'd move light furniture but they didn't even move the dining room table to a different position to clean under it so I am glad we moved everything on Monday. The cleaners came Tuesday morning and then Mayela and I had to move everything back Tuesday afternoon. We had to move some furniture two or three times before Mom was satisfied! She still isn't but that was all our backs could take. Richard and I will finish up in a couple weeks when we go back.

We completely rearranged her furniture to open up their living areas. Daddy's eyesight is getting pretty bad from his macular degeneration. He takes such tentative steps when he walks so I wanted to make it easier for him to get around. He likes it much better.

Deidra and Dominic arrive on the fifth of August for two weeks. Julie is having a bridal shower for Marie on the ninth so we'll go up that weekend. She has a pool in her condo complex so the guys can go swimming there while Deidra and I enjoy the shower. Hopefully us gals will be able to take a dip before we leave.

Dayna just got back from a week in Boston attending a conference on forensic accounting. She talked to people at NCIS, the FBI and the IRS. They would have to relocate if she got a job at NCIS but could stay put for either of the other two. She got back to find her supervisor had quit, her position has been changed so she is doing clerk work instead of accountant work and moved to a different department where she doesn't get along with the people. So, she is now very actively pursuing these other avenues.


  1. I love NCIS! That would be such a great job! What would she be focused on, her degree is business, right?!

    Sounds like you have been very busy! Say hi to Deidra and Dom for me!

  2. Reading the title, I thought that a disk in Richard's back had gone out again. Though I'm sorry to hear that Dianna has an aching back from moving furniture, I'm sure she will recover more quickly than a ruptured disk would!

    Good news about the jobs, or hope of jobs.

  3. I used to move my furniture around every couple of months. I just loved the fresh look it gave the house. But I don't do that much at all lately. I guess I've become more content with the mundane. Oh, and also with no aching back from the hard work it is!

    That sounds like a great possibility for Dayna. I hope something pans out.

    Have fun with the grandkids!