Monday, July 6, 2009

Family Update

I decided it is time to catch you all up on our extended family's comings and goings for the past few months. We're just sitting here cool and comfy at the beach.

Deidra went to her first prom in May. (They're just good friends.) This was Maurice's senior prom.

 Deidra Prom

The Jennings are going on a Caribbean cruise this summer. They are thrilled to be able to go swimming with the dolphins and manta rays among other exciting excursions.

Dayna was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia last week and had her esophagus dilated this morning. She came through the procedure with no problems. She's anxious to see if she can swallow better now. Before the dilation she was having trouble swallowing her food and sometimes it wouldn't go down at all.

Daddy is having more cancer surgery on Aug. 7th. He has four spots on his scalp and one on his ear. He will have it under a local and the surgeon will shave the spots. We're hoping this will get it all and he won't need general surgery. But, knowing him, that won't be the case.

Go Trojans! Our niece, Michele, was chosen as one of the four twirlers with the USC band!! She received a scholastic scholarship as well as one from the band. Here's her graduation picture - so look for her on TV.

Her sister, Patricia, is going to Cambridge for college this coming school year. She is interning with a pharmaceutical company this summer.

I'm sure glad the rest of my family is doing stuff to write about. Our lives are the same, day in and day out for the next three months.


  1. Thanks for the update -- finally! Nice to hear mostly good news. But it's all about your relatives.

    How about "A day in the life of Richard and Dianna"?

    There must be exciting stories to tell of writing tickets for mis-parked campers, treating sting-ray cases, and fixing the electric cart.

  2. Sounds like lots of exciting things! I hope Dayna enjoys her cruise as much as we did. Tell her it gets rocky going by Cuba and to be prepared!

  3. Deidra. Wow. So pretty.

  4. If you think that your life is boring, try mine. The big event of the day is going to the big dining room for dinner; it really is an event when the thermometer hovers at 114ยบ. And then, of course, I play cards twice a week. Who could ask for more?

  5. Well it's been over 2 months since this post. Anything exciting happen over that time? Attend any football games? Anything?

  6. Well it's been almost 3 months since this post. Anything exciting happen over that time? Attend any football games? Anything?