Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mid Winter Update

There is not a lot going on, but it seems people still want to hear about it.  Surprisingly, time passes quickly here in the desert, and we manage to keep busy.  We have been doing a fair amount of Geocaching, which is fun and good exercise.  We logged 12 caches one day and 11 another.  I think we have over 70 caches now.

We went to Lake Havasu City for my birthday and Valentines Day.  We spent the night in a hotel there and had a nice dinner in a restaurant overlooking London Bridge.  While there we stocked up on groceries at the Super Wal-Mart, and we checked out a boondocking area in a narrow valley just north of town.  It might be a good place to spend a little time, except that the valley is so narrow that our solar panels would not get as much sun as in more open places.  Still, it might work.

Daryl, Gisele and Angela stopped by for a quick visit the afternoon we returned from Lake Havasu City.  We are always happy to have guests, especially when they come bearing gifts of kettle corn!

This past Monday we moved from the desert near Quartzsite to the desert near Imperial Dam.  We are located along the Colorado River about 29 miles north of Yuma and next to the Yuma Proving Ground Army base.  It is nice being closer to a larger city because shopping is definitely more convenient. We also enjoy the ride into town on the scooter since it travels through agricultural fields and date orchards.  Unfortunately, the roads here in this remote section of California have been allowed to decay terribly, and they are all potholed and quite rough.  It does make riding the scooter a lot less enjoyable.  I think we are going to start taking the long way around through Arizona (8 miles further) just to avoid the bad roads.

Yesterday we made our semi-annual trek to Algadones, Mexico to have our dental checkups and cleanings.  We have been to the same dentist three times now, and are pleased with her work.  Cleanings are $25, and that is all each of us required this visit.  If everyone had access to Mexican dentists, dental insurance in the US would cease to exist.

That's about it.  A weekly routine of exploring on the scooter, geocaching, hauling water and waste on laundry day, TV, Internet surfing, hiking and enjoying the temperatures in the low 70's.  We still plan to be here until about the first of April when we will move to the mountains between Los Angeles and Bakersfield.  Probably.


  1. I remember that year we all went there and them opening the spillway and all the fish coming out. Other than that I don't recall much about it. Oh yeah, I also recall you saying it looked a lot like Vietnam along the river we fished in.

  2. Sounds like a lot of good times!

  3. Sounds like life is rough.

    I'm pretty pleased that I have found 41 caches and mostly on weekends, since I work full time. Nathan has been with me on about half of those. It sure is a fun activity when the weather is nice. I doubt if it will be quite so exciting in July. :(