Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Prom, Graduations, Strutter's Spring Show, Jobs

I wanted to wait until all the major events had come and gone to write a post. Maybe that wasn't the best of ideas as there were so many, so please bear with me.

First was Deidra's prom. She looked like a full-figured Tinker Bell in her gorgeous gown. She doesn't have a boyfriend so she went with her two best friends and other acquaintances, one of whom had rented a limo for the evening. I think they had more fun getting ready (nail, hair & make-up) and taking pictures than at the actual prom, but they did have a really good time.

Next was Dayna's graduation and Deidra's Strutter's Spring Show - all on the same weekend. Dayna ended up with a 4.0 GPA in her Master's program! (We're not too proud!!) Next she will do the prep class for her CPA exam. She's going to take the exam in NM as she doesn't qualify for it in TX. In TX you have to take half of your accounting classes in a classroom. Since she did her Bachelor's studies on-line that didn't happen. She's job hunting but not having any success. One company really likes her and they are hiring a lot of people as it is a new business but they haven't found the right position for her yet.

Deidra was in nine dances in her Spring Show. We found out Strutter's is not just a drill team. It's a dance group. They did a military, hip hop and jazz routine as well as many others. Dayna did one with other moms and Chris participated in a Daughter & Dad dance with Deidra. We were so glad to finally be able to see her perform as we've missed most of her season. The picture is one of her outfits they wore at football games.

Finally Missy D graduated last Friday evening! It was held at UNT's (University of North Texas) coliseum so there was lots of room for all the family and friends who wanted to, to attend. We can't believe that cute, red-headed infant of 18 years ago is now a high school graduate! This picture is of her and her father, Daren, who came from Las Vegas to be with her. His sister and niece also came, as well as Crystal (and family) and Eva (Dayna's former business partner) (and family) from NM. (The picture on the banner is of the same three as the prom photo.)

Dayna has been living on adrenaline for over a month and is looking forward to doing nothing for awhile ... until she starts her CPA prep course. It just never ends for her!

Dom just finished his first day at his new job. He is working for the HOA, cleaning pools, restrooms and around the lake. He decided he likes his job as he found $15 while cleaning the lake today!

Deidra has been promised a job at Sonic but they haven't put her on the schedule yet. They are supposed to this Friday, but we'll see. She plans on attending a local community college to get her basic courses out of the way. Currently she thinks she wants to be an English teacher.

It's been a busy month attending all the events plus we've started our home make-over projects. I'll let Richard tell you all about them. The list just keeps getting longer and longer.


  1. It seems like all of us have enjoyed our kids and grandkids lately. You in Texas, Donna visiting Ken and Robin, and me spending time with Karen at Zacks 18th (Wow!) birthday, and now at Jen's. We can all be proud! So nice to hear from you.

  2. And Gisele and I seeing Devon in Taiwan.

    Thanks for the update (finally!). Sounds like your family is doing well and keeping busy.

  3. You have had an incredibly busy and celebratory month and a half! No wonder it has been so long since you posted.

    Congratulations to Dayna and Deidra! Dayna can be especially proud to have graduated with honors while holding down a full time job and being wife and mom to a family of four. That's quite an accomplishment.

    Deidra looked lovely in her prom dress, and what fun to be a Stutter!

    Have a great summer, but stay safe from all the tornadoes.

  4. Ditto to what the others said, and what an ambitious pair; both Deidra and Dom have summer jobs! Dom didn't waste any time after school was out. He is seeing the fun of finding unexpected money at work. Keep digging! You never know when you will find more, and that's fun.

    Dayna needs a rest--a real one after the studying she has done. I hope she gets called soon, but it's kinda nice to take time for a deep breath, and nothing waiting called "work" for the day.

    Congratulations to the whole family. They all look so nice.