Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Winter Update

Yes, we have been remiss in not keeping our blog up to date. While most everyone who reads this already knows what we have been doing, I will document it anyway to serve as a history.

We arrived in Mesa on Jan 9 for a two week stay at our boondocking spot along the Lower Salt River. It was nice to see family again.

We had to move after our 14 day limit was up so we went to Quartzsite for the Big Tent event and to once again experience the uniqueness of the place. We were only there a week when we got the call that Dianna's Uncle Linc was near death. She drove the car to Denair ahead of me, and I followed the next day with the truck and trailer. He passed away before I arrived.

We stayed in Denair, camped in Mike and Randi's yard for a little over a week, then headed back to the desert. This time we went to the Imperial Dam area north of Yuma where we stayed for two weeks. While there we took care of our annual dentist visits in Algadones, MX.

On Feb 26th we left the truck and trailer in storage at an RV park in Quartzsite, and left for Dallas in the car so I could have my annual checkup with my back surgeon. We took three days to make the 1200 mile drive and get there the day before my appointment. All is well with my back. The day after my appointment we headed back to Arizona, this time taking the northern route instead of the southern route. Deidra decided to join us for a month, much as she used to do when she was younger. We stopped for the night after 600 miles of driving, in Edgewood where we spent the night with good friends.

The following day we drove the second 600 miles to Quartzsite where our trailer was stored. We moved it out to the desert and spent the next day recovering from our trip. The following day we moved back to Mesa where we plan to stay for the limit of 14 days again. We didn't tell anyone that Deidra was with us, so it was fun surprising Mom, Daryl and Donna when we met up with them.

We are currently just doing our normal relaxing routine that consists of hiking, shopping, geo-caching and relaxing. It's already starting to get a bit warm here, so our days are numbered. We'll probably head for cooler places soon.

That's about it. Certainly nothing exciting. Just life as usual for a couple retired full time RV'ers.


  1. But next week, it's going to be down in the 60ยบ range again, so that should cool you enough.

  2. I remember some fun days on Phon D road by the river. How many times have you hiked that loop trail by the campground?

  3. We all are such sissies, aren't we? Nudge up towards the 80s and we start sweating. You'd think growing up in AZ, we'd be able to handle the heat better, but I admit if I don't get out to do my walk before it reaches 70 , I'm steamy by the time I get back inside.

    It was fun to see Deidra. Glad you brought her by.

  4. Maybe it's time for a Spring update before you have to go straight to a Summer one.