Monday, October 6, 2014

Chaco Canyon

One of the places we never visited when living in New Mexico was Chaco Canyon.  It is the site of a very well developed society of Native Americans who lived in a remote area near Farmington.  They lived there between about 850 and 1100 AD and probably were the ones who later inhabited Mesa Verde and many of the pueblos that now dot the landscape in New Mexico.

They were major builders and constructed some four story buildings that housed hundreds of people throughout the canyon.  The site is one of significant cultural importance and we found it interesting to see how they lived.

The road to Chaco Canyon is mostly dirt and is maintained by San Juan County except for the last few miles.  It appears that no one maintains that last section.  Once you enter the National Monument the road is paved and very well maintained.  Many times access is completely cut off because of an impassable road.

We stayed for two nights in the parking lot of the San Juan County Fairgrounds between Bloomfield and Farmington.

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