Saturday, November 1, 2014

On To Tennessee

Our stay in the Branson area was enjoyable but definitely not our groove.  It's really a tourist trap  town and most of the shows are not name entertainers.  We did take another very nice 120 mile motorcycle ride through some beautiful country that included a ferry ride across Bull Shoals Lake.

I began to experience some discomfort the day before we left and thought it felt like a recurrence of the pancreatitis I had earlier this year.  The pain was tolerable and I did not seek treatment.  I just did what they did when I was put in the hospital -- I stopped eating and drinking.  The next day we drove to a Corp of Engineers campground near Poplar Bluff, MO.  The campground was beautiful and had full hookups for only $12 per night.

After setting up we went to the Veterans Urgent Care center where they took blood and verified that I had pancreatitis.   They wanted to put me in the hospital but I declined since I was not feeling all that bad and knew how to treat it.  I went back the next day for another blood test to verify that I was improving.  After a couple more days I was feeling fine but just avoiding as much fat as possible to give my pancreas a rest.

After four day at the COE park we drove on to Nashville where we camped at the Tennessee State Fair.  It was perhaps the strangest camp site we have ever been in.  Although the web site says it costs $35 per night, there was no way to pay anyone nor did anyone come around.  There was only one other RV there.  Oh well.  Free is nice.

The next day we continued on to the Chattanooga area where we set up camp in the same campground we spent last summer in.  We've been over to see Darin, Diane and Christine's family since we've been here.  It looks like I will be helping Darin with a room he is building inside their garage.  It will become Diane's Hair Salon.

The temperature was nice when we got here but today it turned very cold.  The high today was only 43 and it is supposed to freeze tonight.  Welcome to winter.

I'm still feeling fine but trying to eat fairly low fat.  If I don't have any more problems I will follow up with my Dr.'s in Prescott when I get back to Arizona.


  1. Apollo has some special low fat food that he has been eating since his bout with pancreatitis, and has had no recurrences in 2-3 years. We can lend you some to try if you'd like.