Sunday, April 3, 2005

Looking for a new campground

Yesterday we drove over 100 miles in search of a possible new campground. We have to be out of Normandy Campground here in Foxboro, Massachusetts on the 1st of May. We didn't find anything very promising on our tour. It is surprising how few campgrounds there are in this area, and how few of the ones in existence that we would consider living in. And then there's the cost!

Today we went to one more place and found a great spot. It's expensive and does not open until May 1, but that is exactly what we need. It's on a lake and the sites are quite large. We were shown a spot where we will have no problems with the satellite and it is no farther from work than were we are now.

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  1. I assume Normandy is in New England somewhere, not in France...