Monday, October 10, 2005

New job!

I was just getting ready to post that we would be moving the end of the month when Dayna called to tell me that Chris was just offered a position with Peterbilt! Their headquarters and one of their three assembly plants are in Denton.

We talked with Dayna and Chris this weekend about us moving closer to them so we could have the kids overnight the two weeks a month Dayna is on the road. Neither were wanting us to make that sacrifice (the park near them is nowhere near as nice & is right on a major highway so lots of road noise) but they couldn't think of any alternative solution.

He will be working the swing shift so he'll be home in the mornings to get the kids off to school. They have good neighbors to watch them until Chris gets home. The plant is only about 15 miles from their home compared with the 40 he's currently driving. That's an added plus with the high cost of fuel right now. Benefits will be better and it sounds like a much better company to work for. Praise God for many new blessings in their lives.


  1. That's wonderful. Sounds like God is pulling some strings. Wasn't Chris with Peterbilt before?

    Of course, I'm betting there will be occasional afternoons that Nana/Papa will be picking the kids up after school just to get their grandkid fix. But now you can take them back over to your nicer RV park.

  2. No, he applied there several months ago but has never worked there. They have a backlog of applicants and are very selective. No one ever leaves except through retirement.

    Maybe you are thinking of Discount Tire. He worked there when they first moved to TX.

  3. That's great. Sounds like perseverance, the right experience, good presentation and luck are paying off.

    I remember Chris (or Dayna? Or Richard? Or Dianna?) talking about Chris trying to get in with Peterbilt several months ago, but that it could be a long wait. Sounds like it wasn't too bad after all.

  4. I just read your blog this evening. That's great news. Dad kicked himself many times because he didn't try to go with a big company like Peterbilt, with all the extra advantages--retirement, vacations, etc. The reduced distance is also "nothing to sneeze at". And it won't be many years before Deidra will be old enough to stay home alone and baby sit at the same time! Sounds like a blessing all around.

  5. That is AWESOME news! God really does have a way of putting it all together! Praise Him!