Saturday, October 22, 2005

USS Salem & JFK

I'm spending the weekend in Rhode Island again and have a free Saturday so I decided to visit the USS Salem in Quincy, MA. Quincy is just south of Boston, about 40 miles from where I am. I checked out their website and thought it looked like an interesting ship to see. It was a tough place to find due to the lack of signs, winding roads and the fact that I forgot to bring my GPS receiver. As I pulled up I saw signs about a haunted ship thing going on for Halloween and when I walked up to the entry I was told the ship was closed for tours. I was really bummed, but probably not as much as another man who arrived just as I did. He came from California just to visit the ship which he had served on many years ago. Pretty poor way to run a visitor attraction if you ask me.

So, since that was out of the question I decided to visit the JFK Library and Museum located at the University of Mass. just a few miles away. I have visited several other Presidential Libraries including Reagan's, Nixon's, Truman's and Eisenhower's. This one is OK as these things go but I probably enjoyed it the least of any I have visited. Perhaps that is because we have been so bombarded with information on his life already that there was really nothing much new to learn. It's a dark, wet, dreary day in New England and not much fun to be outside so it was a good way to kill a couple hours. Unless you are a big Kennedy fan I would not waste my time.

Dianna is in California visiting her family so we are on opposite sides of the continent. Last night we played cribbage against each other on Pogo. Amazing how computers and the internet let us stay in such close touch regardless of where we are.

I'll let her tell you about her goings on.


  1. Glenda and I can vouch for the winding roads and poor signage in Quincy. That's one of the places we got lost too.

  2. Which Presidential library was the best? I've been to the Reagan one in Simi Valley. I want to go again since they now have the 707 that served as Air Force One during his time. Boeing actually paid to have it moved. The Nixon library isn't that far from us. I would go if you think it's worthwhile.

  3. I think the Reagan is the best, followed by the Bush, Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon and then Kennedy. I really want to visit Reagan again for the same reason you do. I knew the plane was coming and saw on the news that it was dedicated last week. Not only is the library itself great but you can't beat the location.