Sunday, December 18, 2005

New Arrival

We are the proud parents of a brand new, baby, Whirlpool, front-loading washing machine. I went to use our old one yesterday and found that in seven days it had died. Richard checked it out and determined it to be headed for the dumpster. We had been looking at and talking about the new front-loaders. You can get a lot more in them, they use a lot less water, soap & electricity and this one has 11 cycles where my old one only had four. Dayna & Chris got one several months ago and they love it. I'm having to learn how to do laundry all over as this one doesn't even want you to use bleach! So far, I'm lovin' it.


  1. You should see Brian and Carrie's new washer/dryer. The washer shakes the clothes around to measure how much water to add. The dryer is attached with a network cable, and when the washer is nearly done starts warming up to dry the clothes appropriately. I don't know what else it will do, but it's pretty high-tech.

  2. We thought we were being pretty high-tech for something that would fit into our rig. Remember: size does matter!

  3. Daryl: Does theirs also transfer the clothes from washer to dryer and then take them out and fold or hang them up?

  4. Not having personal experience with such a feature, it seems like it might not be the most efficient in terms of power use. What if I don't transfer the clothes immediately after the washer stops? How long does it keep warm?

    I'm with Don -- if it is going to start using power then it ought to move them from the washer to the dryer also!

  5. Actually, Carrie and I have discussed a prototype for this machaine that will transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer. We will have to hit the drawing board to make adaptations for folding and hanging!

    We are gonna be RICH!!!

  6. Heather,

    They make combination units that are both washer and drier. One manufacturer is named Splendid or something like that. Problem is, it does not do a real good job at either washing or drying, but dut to space limitations they are often installed in RV's.

    Another drawback it that you can only be doing one load at a time so it takes much longer to finish all the laundry.

    I like your idea better, but I think your dad is on to something. It should take the dirty clothes from the hamper and return then finished to your closet. Oh, wait, I already have such a tool. It's called a wife.

    (I know I am going to get flamed for this one!)