Sunday, January 8, 2006

California visit

I will be flying out to visit my parents this Wednesday. I have to work my visits around Dayna's traveling schedule so it's shorter than normal. She is racking up some nice frequent flyer miles!

Daddy's remaining sibling passed away last week, he is scheduled for more skin cancer surgery this coming Friday and Mom and I had planned on a trip up north on Thursday so he is having a rough time dealing with it all. Julie has planned on taking a couple of days off to be with him but if he wants Mom to stay we will.

Marie, Julie's daughter, has been trying to get into nursing school for several years. She will be taking the entrance exam at Long Beach University this coming Friday so will be cramming all week. She is living with Mom and Dad so I'm not sure what will happen if she is accepted at LB. It would be a horrible drive for her through LA's infamous traffic if she decides to stay.

I wish I knew what the future holds for Richard though I'm pretty sure it will involve some sort of surgery. Fortunately he has a nice benefit at work that will pay 100% of his salary for up to six months while he recuperates if it comes to that.


  1. STD (short term disability) is a great benefit. It's sure nice not to have to worry about finances when you are laid up. Hope all goes well with that.

    And I hope you have a good visit with your folks and that you are able to make your trip up north.

  2. I can't imagine driving from the San Fernando Valley all the way down to Long Beach. That would be terrible. ;)