Saturday, January 28, 2006

Nothin' much new

Just a quick update before my husband starts harrassing me about not posting! He has another diskogram this coming Friday on the one disk that is in question. The one odd side effect from the previous one (and one that he's not complaining about but does question) is his back feels a little better. The surgeon has no clue why either.

He is Michigan right now working on a hardware update for CVS. They weren't well prepared for it so he's spending some long hours at their warehouse. He's due back Monday evening.

Dayna heads to NC this week after a trip to WA last week where she had to deal with some snow trying to get to one store. She should soon have enough FF miles to get preferred seating and some upgrades.

She's going to go see her friend, Crystal, in NM next month. Crystal is expecting her first baby (she's 32). Dayna really wants to be with her as they were very close when we all lived out there. She even lived with us for awhile so we're like second parents to her. Crystal has a special bond with Deidra that I know Dayna would love to be able to reciprocate with but, unfortunately, the distance won't allow that.


  1. I'm still waiting for Dayna's business trips to Phoenix. I have a bed she can use!

  2. Happy birthday Richard!