Sunday, February 26, 2006

Racking Up Those Frequent Flyer Miles

Richard and I went to the airport together last Sunday, he to fly to Philadelphia and me to southern California. He returned Tuesday to fly out again on Thursday to MA. He won't be home until the 7th of March. He is scheduled for surgery on March 23.

I spent a week cooking, cleaning and tending to my parents. Bottom line - she was starving herself, unknowingly. She assumed her body would adjust to a reduced diet. ALL of her symptoms can be attributed to her not getting enough nourishment. She seems to always learn lessons the hard way.

A nurse will be out twice a week to take her blood pressure and other vitals. A physical therapist will go to show her some things she can do to build up her strength. Meals on Wheels will start Tuesday bringing two meals a day for each of them, five days a week.

Daddy was approved by his health insurance to have some in-home help. We can have someone come in as often as three times a week to cook, do light cleaning, laundry, make beds, shop, etc. Between the two I think they will be taken care of.

Mom was much improved by the time I left, fixing some meals herself. She's on an appetite enhancer which has greatly improved her appetite. We went for walks and out to eat a lot. She said she had months of not going out to dinner to make up for! Unfortunately my waist line didn't appreciate it though it did wonders for her morale.

Daddy has to have more skin cancer surgery. It was originally scheduled for next month but we postponed it for six weeks. None of us feel it's good for him to be subjected to all this anesthesia.

She had gained about 8 1/2# in a just one week's time so I left feeling much better about her (their) situation. Hopefully my next trip will be one of just enjoying our time together.

Dayna hasn't heard anything definitive about the charges against her but her supervisor has told her that some evidence is pointing to the lady who made the charges.


  1. Sounds like much better news this time. Thanks for updating. I'm glad to know your folks are doing better and getting some help. How's Richard's back?

  2. I'm so glad that you updated! We've been thinking about you all the time when we weren't worrying about Heather! Now we will all wait for Mar. 23. Lots of things happening in this extended family.

  3. How are things working out for your folks? Hope the extra help is making things much easier, and taking a load off your mind.