Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No news is good news

At least in the case of my folks it is! They are doing fine. Meals on Wheels brings them two meals a day five days a week. They have someone coming in to help clean. A local senior center has many activities which is what my mom desperately needs. With Daddy not being able to hear they don't communicate often and she needs a social outlet. She admitted that yesterday so I think she will start going out more, maybe even take an art class at the adult education nearby. She's really feeling great, symptoms all gone and she's gaining weight and getting stronger.

Richard goes in for his day of pre-op tests and informational meetings tomorrow. He said he's read that the "access" surgeon is critical in this type of surgery. He's going to ask Dr. Guyer tomorrow if he will be the one doing it. He's one of the pioneer surgeons doing this procedure and has done hundreds so Richard really feels comfortable with him. I'm glad because I'm nervous enough for the two of us!

Darin has been diagnosed with Reynaud's Syndrome and is on a new medication for it. The cold weather in TN seems to bring on his attacks. Hopefully the medication will bring him some relief.

We're sure glad we have a new nephew and that mommy and baby are doing great! Welcome, Carsten!!

Richard says he wants to spend our first summer after retirement spending time with our parents. He hasn't seen either for a couple of years. I'm grateful I've been able to make so many trips to visit. And Mom L. now tells me she's got her genealogy files confused again so I know what our visit is going to entail, at least for me! She does this periodically so she'll have some company I know!!

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  1. I thought that Dad had Reynaud's, but it was never diagnosed. His fingers were always cold and white.
    If you spend time with me, you do know that you have to put a sign on the back of both Richard's and Daryl's heads, since the only way I ever see them, when they are together, is facing a monitor, talking computer problems. They look so much alike from the back that they must be brothers!
    Drat, Dianna! You figured me out!