Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I'll post an update! I am continuing to improve. That's it.

Didn't think that would work. I go to PT three times a week and do stretching and strength exercises. I am able to do more all the time, but I am still sore after each session. That's good they tell me. I also walk about one and one half miles every day. All in all I am making good practice and the ache in my back is less and less. I can no longer call it back pain. I go to the Dr. next Monday for my six week check up and will know what happens from here. I am still not released to go back to work and really don't see how I could as long as I continue with PT. It takes all morning and I sure don't feel like doing much all afternoon.

Dianna has returned from her week in California visiting her parents. They are both doing OK now. Seems she usually does not get there until things have settled down. By OK I mean that they are both at home, not in the hospital. The staph infection is much improved which is a good thing. They do have part time help coming in three days a week to help with cleaning and other chores.

Dom is in baseball again this year so we get to go to his games every week. He is doing pretty good this year.

Deidra is in her last year at the mid-school in Denton. Next year she will be attending the new mid-school near her home. That will be really nice. She currently catches the bus at 7:50 and does not get home until 5:00. That one and one half hour bus ride after school is a huge time waster.

That's about all I can think of right now.  It's tough to post when there is not much going on, but I appreciate everyone thinking of me.


  1. Glad to read things are going well. We'll try not to bug you so much in the future since it appears to make you grouchy. ;)

  2. But aren't you glad that your entire family is concerned, and interested in keeping up with your recovery?

  3. Yes Mother, I said I was in the last sentence. Donna, I was not trying to be grumpy; it's just hard to write when you really have nothing new to say. I try to get Dianna to post more but that's a struggle too. I think we will do better when we start traveling more.

  4. I thought maybe your recovery was making you grumpy. Therapy can do that, especially when it's so much work.
    Have you lost any weight during this time? I wondered if your appetite might be low due to inactivity.

  5. So I take it that the pain level is better than before the surgery. How about freedom of movement?

    Is PT the only thing keeping you from going back to work, or does the back still prevent that?

  6. Donna - No I have not lost any weight, but have not gained any either. My appetite is about normal. If anything, I am more active than I was pre-surgery. The PT is pretty exhausting, but it is good for me and something I need to do to get better.

    Daryl - Pain is much less than before the surgery. That's why I call it a backache now. A backache is much better than back pain. For the first six weeks I cannot hyperextend (bend over backwards) or twist my back from side to side. Next week I should start working on adding those movements to my PT program. Forward movement is better than it was before surgery.

    PT three times a week (which pretty much wipes me out for the day) and walking 1 1/2 miles a day are quite time consuming. They are the main reason, but I also get very sore if I sit upright for any length of time. I spend most of my time in the recliner when I am not standing. Sitting in an office chair hurts after only 15 minutes or so. I need to get more muscle strength in my back.