Monday, May 1, 2006

Finally some big news!

Retirement!  I will not be returning to work.

I can't tell you how much I have looked forward to this.  I have been dreaming about it since I first started working and have grown more and more anxious over the past few years.  The time has finally come.

I had my 6 week post operative check up today and the Dr. says everything is coming along nicely, but that he still wants me to continue with physical therapy for another 4 weeks.  He signed a form that releases me to return to work on June 1st.  With that in hand I notified my manager this afternoon that my last day on the payroll will be May 31st, but that I will not be back to work.  He told me he already expected it and was happy (jealous) for me.

We plan to stay here in Denton until about June 8 when we will leave for Livingston, TX so we can get our TX drivers licenses.  I need a Class A Non-commercial license to tow our trailer with the big truck.  We will take the grandkids with us and make our way out to California to spend a little time with Dianna's parents before heading to who knows where.

So, there it is.  It feels good.


  1. Yay!!
    You're welcome to stop in Arizona while you're passing through, but I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to wait until cooler weather to spend any time here.

    Retirement is not hard to get used to. I'm thinking you may enjoy it. (Just a wild guess!)


  2. Congratulations! I hope I make it by my 60th year. Enjoy! And I ditto Daryl. Come by and see us sometime.

  3. Yes, do come to Phoenix some time. We can promise you a warm reception.
    I was 61 when I retired, and Dad was 63; how I wish that we had had those extra years to enjoy when his physical and mental health were good. You are too much like me to ever wish you were back in the rat race. Fun times ahead!

  4. Boy, I thought you would get more than 3 responses to this post. Either nobody thinks it's big news, or they are too jealous. I suspect the latter!

  5. I thought the same thing and have come to the conclusion that either no one reads our blog or no one cares. Oh well. It's important to us and a major milestone in our lives.

  6. I wanna retire.....

  7. For one moment last night, I thought I saw an entry titled "Retirement Dinner" or something like that in my live bookmarks. But it disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Does that mean I'm not invited?