Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Retirement Lunch

The team I have worked with the last 8 years invited me to lunch today. We met at Pappadeaux Seafood in Richardson and had a nice meal. I will be on the payroll until the end of the month, but I have turned in my laptop and other stuff and have cleaned out my desk. I don't know if I will need to go in again to sign some final paperwork or not, but I am really feeling great about all this.

The guys gave me a gift card to a nice steakhouse as a going away present. Thanks guys, very much. Dianna and I will enjoy it.

I went down to Ft. Worth this afternoon to pick up a motorcycle loader I am buying from another Escapee. Unfortunately, the place he took it did not have it removed from his truck yet so I have to make another trip tomorrow afternoon. Then I have to work with a welding shop in Denton to fabricate a mount that will allow me to move it backward and forward on the truck bed. I need to move it to the rear to load, but move it all the way forward so the trailer will clear the motorcycle on a 90 degree turn.

Between physical therapy three days a week and getting ready to leave here on the 8th of June I am staying very busy. I hear that retirement is just as busy, or more so, than working a regular job. I hope not, but it sure is starting out that way!


  1. Donna -- I'm not sure what happened. I posted this yesterday but it was marked private. Anyway, you are too late. Lunch is over.

  2. Retirement is what you make of it. If you want to veg in front of the TV in your boxers all day long, you can do that, but it gets pretty boring after a while. The wife might start to nag after a while, anyway.>:o

    Find what you like to do, and do it, but at your own pace, on your own time. I find I'm most content when I am in the middle of, or have just completed some interesting project. I look forward to the 2-3 calls a week I get to repair computers. I really enjoy the websites I am helping build and maintain. We've got some interesting travel coming up.

    Keep us informed, whatever you do, and congratulations again.

  3. Mmmm...Pappadeaux's...That's my favorite restaurant in the Dallas area. Congratulations on your retirement!

  4. I've never been to Pappadeaux's. Maybe when I retire in 20 years. Don't worry, I'm not jealous or bitter.;)

    Congratulations Richard. You deserve it after working so many years.