Thursday, June 22, 2006


This is Deidra posting today. Dom and I braved cold Big Lake yesterday. We took our blow up tubes and layed out in the lake for about half an hour until Dom got too cold and tired. Poppa and nana tried to convince us that it was cold but it actually wasnt that bad. But once we splashed ourselves and got wet the wind chilled us. So I just layed out on the beach while Dom skipped rocks.

Nana here. Looks like we need to make a trip to Springerville to do laundry and get a few groceries today. I bought the kids cross stitch kits and Dom has been working diligently on his. He's learned three stitches and how to count a pattern. I'm very impressed. Deidra got frustrated at the beginning & hasn't gotten back to hers yet. I started an embroidery project for Lauren (a sundress Donna is making for her), ran into some difficulties and haven't gotten back to it as we don't have electricity here. I will have to finish it in CA - sorry Lauren.

I got my baby fix in NM as two friends had babies in March. It was great! Haven't been around them in far too long. Dayna is there this week for her last trip as auditor. She starts her new job in Payroll July 3rd.

Sure are enjoying this 70-80 degree weather after the heat, humidity and wind in TX & NM. Lots of cloud cover this am so it's only 74.

Julie just wrote that Mom and Dad went to their doctor and he thinks Daddy has Alzheimers from some tests that were run previously. He gave him a B-12 shot & wants to see him in a month to recheck him. I'm not seeing symptoms but maybe this is the beginning and hopefully, with new meds that are out now, he can be helped.

We're planning a 90th birthday party for him next month. Dayna, Chris & Darin will all be there as well as other family members from CA. We're really looking forward to seeing some we don't see very often. Julie is also planning a 25th party for Marie the same weekend so lots of doin's!

Stay cool.


  1. You "don't have electricity there", yet you are on a computer connected to the internet...?

    I assume you are on the inverter, and that the embroidery machine would take too much power, while the computer doesn't.

    Weather sounds perfect. Seen any rain?

  2. Daryl -- Yes, I have the inverter and also the generator. We run the generator about 2 hours a day to charge up the 4 deep cycle batteries that keep us going the rest of the time. We only have the inverter turned on when we need it and Dianna's embroidery machine really needs to be on from the start of a project to the finish. Most of her projects take several hours so it would be more than I want to run the generator for. It only burns about half a gallon of gas per hour while charging, but still it is not cheap at today's prices. And it's also noisy here in a beautiful woodland setting.....

    Eventually we will install a solar charging system. We have the 2500 watt inverter already installed so the cost will only be for solar panels and charge controller. That will give us much more freedom to use power without worry. Probably will have everything installed in the next few months.

    We also have plans to add water and wastewater capabilities to the truck so we can service the trailer where ever we are. I may have aluded to that in an earlier post.

  3. With all that space on the roof of the trailer, there is no problem finding a place to put the solar panels. But they wouldn't be very efficient under the trees at Big Lake.

  4. You mention going to Springerville for laundry. Does yours take too much electricity, too? I remember that even with electricity, I couldn't run the washer or dryer and the microwave at the same time.

  5. The laundry problem is not electricity -- it's water. We have no hookups here so no good way to fill the water tank or get rid of the grey water. That is something Richard is going to address.