Sunday, June 25, 2006

Chillin' in the high country

This is what relaxation is all about. We are doing a whole lot of nothing and getting pretty good at it.

We made our trip into Springerville for laundry and a few groceries. That was the highlight of Thursday. Friday the kids went swimming again for a few minutes and we went for a short hike in the afternoon.

Yesterday we did absolutely nothing. It was the first day we have had clouds and even a few sprinkles. Not enough to do anything about the dry conditions and even somewhat dangerous as the lightning is what they really worry about. It was really cold in the evening (57 about 8 PM) so we stayed inside and watched another movie. The first Star Wars this time. The kids are really confused about the timeline.

This morning we are having our first real rain. In fact, there is a major thunderstorm raging around us right now. We are getting a steady rain but no lightning close. I talked to one of the rangers yesterday who said we needed to get 2 1/2 inches of rain before they will lift the campfire ban. That ban sure puts a damper on camping activities and that most likely explains the fact that the campground is not full at all.

More later.

1:00 PM -- It's 57 degrees now and a gentle rain is falling.  We have the furnace running.


  1. I'm sure Robin and Ken would disagree on your definition of cold. 57 indeed! That's "shorts" weather to them! But I'm with you ... if it drops below 60, I'm putting on a jacket!

    Relaxing in the mountains sounds so wonderful. Wish I was there!

  2. It's now 7 PM and the temperature is 49. I know that is no big deal to those in Alaska, but this is ARIZONA!!!!

    We had a pretty good rain shower late this afternoon and everything is wet. Feels good.

  3. It threatened rain here, with blowing dust and clouds, but nothing fell on south Tempe.

    How long do you plan to be in the Arizona mountains?