Saturday, November 25, 2006

Darin and Diane's New House

OK Mom, here you go.

This is a close up of their house. The dormers really look nice.  The sun was very low in the sky so there is a lot of reflection from the side of the house.

This is a photo from up the street a little ways. They are on a cul-de-sac with only two houses beyond them. It makes for very little traffic.


  1. Oh wow, that's beautiful. I'm very happy for them.

  2. Beautiful! And it looks as though they have a large back yard where you can park Jumbo! (Do you have a name for the truck yet? Jumbo fits, but isn't very original.)

  3. Yes, they have a large back yard with plenty of room, but I could never put the truck back there. I won't drive on anyones driveway because they are usually only 3-4 inches of concrete. There is a good chance the weight of the truck would crack the concrete.

    The truck does have a name I use on a forum I participate in, but it's not very original and not what we call it (the truck). The name is OB770, as in Obi Wan Kanobe from Star Wars. The 770 is the model of Volvo. When I first bought the truck, the man who sold it to me had called it "One Bad 770". I know, it's dumb, but I am not very original when it comes to naming things like this.

  4. Looks like something from "Father Knows Best", or "The Nelsons"; a lovely middle-America home.