Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rocket and Space Center, Huntsville, AL

We left Cleveland yesterday and drove to Huntsville, AL. It was only about 130 miles so we got a late start and still arrived before 2PM since we also changed back to the Central time zone. The Rocket and Space Center has an RV park on its grounds so we made reservations to stay here where we could walk to the Center. Unfortunately, the RV park is rather old and it was tough getting in and level.

Today we visited the Rocket and Space Center. This is really the home of the Saturn 5 moon rocket as well as where much of the American Space Program was developed. Werner von Braun led the facility here. The museum was very interesting and we spent over five hours there. Included in the admission were the IMAX theater, virtual reality simulators, a centrifuge ride and a simulated space launch. The space launch was nothing more than one of the rides that shoot you up in the air like those at amusement parks. Dianna (ever the kid) enjoyed it. I felt it would not be a good idea with my back, so I passed. There was a lot to see and we enjoyed it very much. We are both tired from standing so will just rest up tonight. We will continue our journey towards Denton tomorrow, but the weather forecast for the rest of the week looks ugly. We may head south toward the gulf again to try to avoid the coldest part of it. We'll see. Sure is nice not having to schedule things!


  1. It sounds as though you are really enjoying retirement. Our weather caught cold today; I don't think it got above 70º, after being in the high 80ºs last week.
    It doesn't look as though you have put in any more pictures of the Tennessee bunch.

  2. Another year or so like this, and you're going to have seen everything there is to see in the US. Then what? Ship your truck and trailer over to Europe and start in there?

  3. It's amazing how much stuff you can see when you live in a house on wheels. We are traveling through areas a lot faster than we really want to, but need to make time so we can spend time with our kids during the holidays. We want to slow down and spend more time in each area. The great thing about this country is that there is so much to see.