Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bloomin' blossoms

What a gorgeous drive we had yesterday from Yuma to San Onofre! I had never seen Ocotillo blossoming before. It is absolutely beautiful. We only saw one plant so decked out and I was lucky enough to have popped my head up from my book just in time to catch it. And then the iceplant and freeway daisies all along the highway from San Diego were so bright it almost hurt our eyes!


  1. The desert here is in full bloom too, though it's starting to fade. California Poppies, Brittle Bush, Creosote Bush, Rock Daisies, Lupins, and lots of other plants which I only know by Latin names cover the desert with mostly yellow, but also red, purple, blue, orange and white.

    Despite the flowers, it seems just about the right time to be leaving the desert for the beach. Lucky you!

  2. Did all the beautiful blossoms bring out allergies?