Sunday, March 30, 2008

Blog Updates

No, not additional posts but rather updates to the way the blog itself works. I always hated reading posts in reverse sequence so I finally found a plugin that let me change the sequence and number of posts of selected items. I have set Categories and Archives to display in chronological order so you can follow the story line without reading from bottom to top. I find it enjoyable to read through our Alaska trip and other places we have been. I have also set both options to show up to 31 posts at a time so it requires much less clicking and more scrolling.

I also added a widgit that condenses the archives by year but still allows expanding to individual months. It is much better than showing all the individual months. It was getting to be a long list.


  1. That's really a nice feature for a blog like yours where it helps to read in chronological order. I don't think it would help mine but it really is a cool touch for all your travels.

  2. I know you've been wanting to be able to do this for a while. Glad you finally found something that works.

  3. I like it. Nice to read past journals in consecutive order.