Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Goodbye New Hampshire, Hello Cuba!

The correct parts for the new trailer brakes finally arrived Monday and were installed and tested by about 1:30 Tuesday. Although it was raining we decided to head out for more scenic locales. We followed I-495 down around Boston, then took the Massachusetts Turnpike and a short section of the New York Thruway to Schenectady and stopped for the night in the town of Central Bridge where we stayed about three weeks earlier.

Although it rained most of the afternoon I was able to try out the new braking system in a few places. It works great. I have more stopping power than I have ever had towing a trailer. It's a good feeling, but he wallet does not feel so good. In addition to having the brakes done while in NH, we also had to have some suspension work done on the truck. With over 660,000 miles on it, it is not unexpected for some things to wear out.

We decided to spend some more time in Western New York, partly so we could spend a little more time with Dale's family and with Greg and Tina, but also because it is still too hot to head south toward Tennessee. Rather than traveling further north we decided to keep our expenses low and just find a place to hunker down. After making several phone calls and consulting multiple campground guides we discovered that there is an RV park (yes, an RV park -- not a campground) in Cuba that is about half as expensive as anything else we could find in Western New York. So, here we are, back where I started from.

We don't have any specific plans yet, but will probably be here a month. I talked to Dale a little while ago and I think he needs a social secretary. He is a busy guy but we will find times we can get together here, there, and in between. It's about 75 miles to his place and about 85 to Greg and Tina's from Cuba. We want to visit Letchworth, take a drive down to Potter County, and spend some more time wandering around.

In the meantime we will enjoy the cooler temps and the beautiful scenery while we wait for it to cool down. Mom has already sent an email telling us how jealous she is and giving us some picture taking assignments. I'm sure Don is also jealous because the Cuba Cheese Shop is only a couple hundred yards from our RV site. Can you say curds?


  1. That's really cool! I see from the Datastorm map that you're on the road that goes to Cuba lake, and towards Rawson. Lots of memories!

  2. Curds.

    This is just so unfair. My youngest lives in cheese curd central and now you're within walking distance to CC. The only place to get anything called cheese curds here is Trader Joes and by the time they get them they aren't really curds anymore, they're cheese.

    Seriously though I'm glad you've decided to spend some more time there. Hope to see some more pics in your gallery. You still need to post your Boston/NH pics if you have some.

  3. CURDS!! Love them! I will be arriving just as you are heading out I would guess. Enjoy your month in NY!