Saturday, August 28, 2010

Riding Around Day 2

We took a short ride yesterday afternoon to check out a few things. First we rode up to the new High and Middle school north of town. Cuba and Rushford schools have combined. The school is new and modern looking, and is on a large tract of land. Apparently no one walks to school anymore since it is quite a ways from town.

We then visited Cuba Library. They added a new section in 2002 that more than doubled the size of the building. I went in and looked around. It is still a very small library and I am amazed at how small the original building was. Here is a photo of the outside.

We also took another look at the corner where Dad's service station used to be. It is now occupied by a large new fire station that takes up not only the corner but also the lot behind it.

It was a warm afternoon so we continued our ride. We rode over the hill to West Clarksville and took pictures of Aunt Ruth and Uncle Sy's house, as well as the school across the street where she taught.

We then continued south past the West Genessee Cemetery and into Portville. Just as we came into town we noticed a large and beautiful building on the left, surrounded by large lawns. It was Sprague's Maple Farm which is a working commercial maple syrup operation, as well as a very nice restaurant. We stopped in and bought half a gallon of syrup for less than we have found it elsewhere, including Costco, and made plans to come back for breakfast or dinner sometime.

I had no idea where Aunt Hattie and Uncle Ruben Hatch's house was, so we continued our ride through Portville and on to the outskirts of Olean where we turned north to Hinsdale. We stopped at Crosby's to see if they still have ice cream. They do, but it is now Hershey's Ice Cream. We have had that somewhere before and it is very good. Much of their business yesterday afternoon was people getting ice cream. It appears the tradition is still alive.

With that we returned home and spend a quiet evening. Today we have something fun to do as soon as the fog burns off. We'll tell you about it tomorrow.


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  1. When you went from West Clarksville toward Portville, there used to be a railroad track just as you went into town. Just across it, on the right is a large three story house, where Aunt Hattie and Uncle Orson Hatch lived. Reuben and Hattie lived downstairs. That is the place where Reuben caught his mother, at the age of 95, sitting on the window sill on the second floor with her head and torso outside, washing the outside of the window. She lived until she was nearly 101, but he made sure she never washed the outside of her windows again!
    Across the road was a "new" house built by Hattie's mother, where they lived in later years. I used to stay with them in the summer time, when they lived in the big house. Rob, Eugene, Don and I played "Cowboys and Indians", and built the most beautiful towns, streets, etc. from used tin cans. (We thought they were beautiful.)