Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Quick Tour of the Oregon Coast

Yesterday we took a motorcycle ride to the Oregon Coast. We went with one other rider who lives here in the park and loves to ride. He has made the trip many times. We followed the Umpqua River all the way to the coast, about 60 miles away. We took a side trip to Loon Lake where we had lunch on the patio overlooking the lake, then stopped again to watch elk wandering about in a meadow.

We arrived in Reedsport and turned south on highway 101 to Winchester Bay where we again took a side trip out to Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. This area has one of the largest coastal sand dune areas in the country, and the place was crawling with ATV's. It was interesting to see and it looks like it gets lots of use in the summer time.

We continued south to Coos Bay where we stopped for blackberry pie and coffee, then on to Coquille where we turned east and rode back through the coastal mountains to Roseburg and back home again. The total trip was almost exactly 200 miles. This was our first trip with the new seat, and it worked great for me. Dianna is thinking she might like to have a minor adjustment to the side of the seat, but we're going to wait until we are past the break in period before we do anything.

We'll probably make another trip or two to the coast while we are here. We would like to explore a little more on our own, and take a few photos. There was a lighthouse we would like to visit and many other things that we would like to check out.

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