Saturday, December 22, 2012

Same Old Same Old

In an effort to forestall the anticipated "you haven't posted anything in a while" comments, let me just say that it's because there has been nothing of note to write about. We left Jacob Lake on 10/15 and drove to Mesa where we spent a month. We visited with Mom and the rest of the family and otherwise did nothing we haven't done before. We have been there so much that finding new things to do and write about is difficult.

A month later on 11/15 we began our annual migration to Denton, TX for the holidays. It took about a week to get here but we are in the same RV park we always stay in while in the area. Dayna and Chris have rented out their house and moved into a very nice luxury apartment about 20 miles away, but this park is still convenient for access to things we need to do while here. Like many larger cities, the Dallas area has a limited number of reasonably priced RV parks, and this place is a bargain.

Since our arrival we have kept reasonably busy with Dr. appointments, vehicle inspections, visits with the kids and preparing for Christmas. The only project I have taken on was the replacement of our shower hardware with a nice residential type setup to replace the cheap RV type original equipment. I've also been fighting with the repair of our water heater which was damaged when the truck wash guys sprayed the high pressure washer into the electronics compartment. After replacing just about every component without success, we finally decided to replace the entire unit. It turns out that our unit is 16 years old and that parts will probably not be available in a couple more years.

We will be spending Christmas at Jennings of course, as well as New Years Eve. Dianna's cousin Carrie is coming to visit us on the 27th. She and Dianna will make a girls only overnight trip to San Antonio to see the River Walk Christmas decorations, and to visit the Alamo. Carrie will be here until the 1st of Jan, and we will leave for Arizona on the 2nd.

Happy Holidays to all.


  1. You have your comment set to close after a couple of months so nobody could tell you to post. I'm sure I'm not the only one that tried. ;)

    Happy Holidays to you and yours too!

  2. Good to hear from you. Stay warm. We have heard about the snow storms there.

  3. P.S. for some reason, your blog doesn't update in my feed for several days. It's not that I'm not looking every day for news; I
    just didn't see it until tonight.

  4. I guess that's one advantage to my nomadic lifestyle - I always have something to write about even if it is dull to others. I think of it more like a diary of sorts - my memory is so bad it's the only way I can remember what I did! Keep posting Man!