Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On Behalf of Mom

My most excellent day began around 9:30 this morning and didn't end until about 4:30 this afternoon. Due to a pricing change at CVAM (where they draw my blood to check my levels to determine if my coumadin dosage needs to be adjusted) I decided to go to a lab that was free and close my apt. After arriving on my scooter I was told that I couldn't go there as I am in the "north unit" (whatever that means) and they were not. Dianna and I had made arrangements to work on genealogy together today so I had to call her and ask her to take me to different lab.

She arrived and got me to to the lab. It was a long wait there and I've decided that I'll pay the $20 per visit and go back to CVAM. They don't have to draw a whole vial of blood and the wait is almost non-existent.

When we returned home Dianna took her clothes up to the laundry room as it's easier than having to haul water and run the generator for hours. The change machine didn't like any of her six $5 bills so down she came to change one of them for five $1 bills of mine. I guess the machine just didn't like $5 bills.

Later I noticed one of my hearing aids on the seat of my wheelchair with no silicone tip on the end. I put another one on and jammed it into my ear. BIG mistake. The other tip was still in my ear so I had just pushed it further in. The nurses were unavailable at the Square and my doctor is on vacation this week so off we went to Urgent Care to get it removed. It took a specialty tool with miniscule pinchers on the end to remove it. We were told they have to do that about two or three times a week! It was good to find out there are others who are about as bright as I am.

By then it was almost dinner time and with a Barro's Pizza right next door to Urgent Care we decided we owed it to ourselves to have a slice before going home. Boy, did that taste good.

I had taken a Soma (relaxant) before going to Urgent Care and was feeling drowsy by the time we arrived back home. I sat down in my chair to finish my piece of pizza and Dianna set out to print some genealogy pages from the internet. The printer jammed and kept on jamming. After doing all the trouble shooting she knew how to she called Daryl. He didn't know what else to suggest and will have to make a trip over, one of these days, to work on it. Richard attempted to do so when he arrived but couldn't find the problem either. By now it was 4:45 and time for a nap. I've really earned one today!

(Pleasant dreams, Mom.)


  1. And this evening, for some reason, my mouse will hardly move. I hope I get to bed without falling, and without choking on the leftover salad in the refrigerator. It's two weeks in either direction from a Friday the 13th, but I don't know what else to blame this crazy day on.

  2. Let's see. It's a day or two past a full moon. Does that count?

  3. I'm glad your ear is fixed now. If only all your computer problems were that easy.

  4. Wow, sounds like you had a fun day! At least it wasn't boring.