Monday, June 6, 2005

Swim lessons

Deidra and Dominic started swimming lessons today. Well, actually, just Dom. Deidra's taking diving lessons. I can't get him to swim properly with breathing so figured he'd learn better from a "real" teacher.

While we were at lessons Richard picked up the trailer to take to OK to get our dining room set. As soon as the kids were finished we took off and were up there before 3:30. Got it all loaded by 4:30 and went out for frozen custard with Robin, Ken, Megan and Steven before we left.

It was good to see them as who knows when the next time will be. We've been able to visit them several times since we moved to TX as they are only about 2½ hrs. from here. It was our first visit with Steven - such a cutie! And Megan has really sprouted!! She's two years younger than Dom and just a tad shorter. She's definitedly taking after her mommy.

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