Saturday, June 25, 2005

Scooter Trip

This morning Dom and I rode the scooter up to Lake Texoma. We even crossed the bridge just so we could say we were in Oklahoma!

I don't know if he slept last night or not since he was so excited about going. I got to their house about 9:15 and we suited up. I borrowed a blue ice from Chris to put in the little soft sided cooler I purchased at Wal-Mart last night. Figured we would want something cool to drink.

We made our first stop after about 20 miles so we could buy our drinks. I got my usual Diet Dr. Pepper and Dom got some blue stuff. We drank some and put the bottles in our cooler. The next stop was about 20 miles further up the road at McDonalds. Dom told me he had not eaten breakfast so we he had a breakfast Happy Meal. I had some more coffee.

Then on up the road another 15 miles to the lake. We skipped rocks for a while and then rode around to some of the marinas, one of which has a grass landing strip with several planes tied down. We also stopped by the Thousand Trails to see if a guy who works with me was there. He spends most weekends at his trailer there. He wasn't.

On the way back we stopped for gas and lunch. Dom was not really hungry so he just ate a candy snack while I had roasted chicken. We did not stop again on the way home, but did wander off the main route to drive through the old downtown part of Pilot Point. Neat old Texas town.

Dom was getting pretty tired by the time we got back at about 2 PM. In fact, I think he would have been sleeping if he hadn't had to hang on. He really enjoyed the trip and it gave Papa and Dom some good time for bonding.

The total trip was about 150 miles and was the first long trip I have taken. Scooter ran great, was comfortable (considering the heat) and used less than $5 in fuel. Great fun.

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  1. Now that's exactly the kind of thing that grandkids were invented for. I may have to buy myself a scooter! (just kidding....)