Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Swimmin' and Scootin'

Yep, that's all it took. Dom was swimming like a fish by the of the second session. He just doesn't think parents (and, obviously, grandparents) are teachers!

There are only two girls in the diving class so Deidra is getting good individualized attention. She's finding it difficult to get the steps, bounces and arm motions all coordinated. I never learned how to dive properly either so can imagine her frustration. She gets to go off the high dive which scared her to death the first few times!

Dom's jealous that she gets to do that so I told him if he continues to do well in this class and really learn all his strokes I'll let him take diving lessons later. He's really motivated now!

Richard drove the scooter to work today for the first time. He had to go on I-35 for just a few miles to get over Lewisville Lake on the bridge. Then he got off and went side streets the rest of the way, getting to work about the same time as he does going on the interstate and turnpike.

The windshield he ordered came while he was in RI. It comes up higher, blocking his face and hands from the wind, which made a huge difference. Our helmets, which had to be ordered, came in yesterday so he had that for more wind protection as well.


  1. What's the traffic like on I-35? I drive the 405 between the Valley and El Segundo pretty much every day now that it's warmed up. I'm not a fan of lane splitting but as long as the cars are going less than 25-30 mph it's not too bad. Is lane splitting legal in TX?

    Now I'm thinking of getting a bigger windshield for my bike. Where did R get his?

  2. I'm still shivering over you people driving scooters on freeways. One spill is all it takes. So, I'll try not to read any more comments concerning them!