Sunday, July 31, 2005

Edgewood, NM

We arrived in Edgewood about 1 PM and pulled into Jason and Jeneane Weaver's yard. They have set up an RV parking spot for Jeneane's parents who are full timers and it worked out great for us. They have 50 amp electric service which allowed us to run our air conditioner.

It was like old times. Many of our Valley View friends were there for a pot luck lunch and card games afterward. We did our best to catch up on what everyone has been doing and what has changed. The biggest surprises were how much the younger generation has changed. Several of the kids we remember as young teenagers are now married and some even expecting!

Noel and Donna Jennings (Deidra and Dominic's grandpa and step-grandma) drove up from Albuquerque to see them. He needed a grandkid fix. Boy do we know what he means!

Crystal Schmidlapp ("Aunt Bistol") came over to see the kids and they had a nice, but short, reunion after almost five years. She was at Deidra's birth and has been a special friend ever since.

We took a drive around the area to see what had changed, including a drive by our old house. The new owners have made some nice improvements, and there are tons of new houses sprouting everywhere. Edgewood looks little like the small rural community we moved into 20 years ago.

Deidra and Dom slept with Whitney and Ashley - all in one room. The bedroom door couldn't even be opened until a kid moved out of the way.

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