Monday, July 4, 2005

A New Bed

Saturday we took the truck to Herrin Truck Bodies in Kilgore Texas to have a custom bed built. The work will include a new air hitch to replace the commercial hitch and a motorcycle loader so we can carry the scooter. The bed will have stairs up from both sides and a very large storage compartment across the back of the cab. When you live in an RV there is never enough storage.

It will take Herrin all month to finish the bed, and we are hopeful it will be ready in time for a planned vacation trip the first two weeks of August. If not, we may have to take the pickup with the camper, but that is just too small for the two of us and the grandkids as well. We'll see what happens.

We went nowhere else all weekend and pretty much tried to stay cool and out of the traffic. Dianna worked on embroidery again and finished beautiful patriotic shirts for the Jennings family who went to the big fireworks show in Addison. They really looked nice.

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