Friday, September 23, 2005

Family Hurricane Evacuees

Wednesday evening I called Cindy to find out what their plans were since they were under a mandatory evacuation. I offered our camper or Dayna's home as a refuge. She told us they were going to make a final decision yesterday morning as to their plans. We haven't heard from them since so don't know what they finally decided to do. . . Just got word from Mom Lafferty that they decided to stay put; traffic, pets, vehicles running out of fuel, etc.

I'm sure you're hearing the town of Beaumont being mentioned in the news as a place the hurricane is headed for. That's where Brian is going to college, at Lamar University. From the sounds of things it may be awhile before he is able to go back.

I hadn't heard he'd been drafted by the Houston Astros but had to turn down their offer as he'd already registered for school. They have an excellent pitching coach staff there and in three years, when he's eligible for the draft again, he'll be a much improved pitcher and will be able to garner a better contract. So look for the name Brian Needham in a few years as a rising baseball star!

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