Monday, September 5, 2005

Labor Day Ride

It was a long weekend and we had no major plans so Monday afternoon we took a scooter ride to Lake Bridgeport, a lake about 50 miles west of us. We were surprised at how little traffic there was on the roads and how few boats were on the lake. Perhaps the cost of fuel changed a lot of plans.

We took the main road, highway 380, on the way out but returned on local roads. I have a GPS on the scooter so it makes finding the local roads possible. We would never be able to take such routes without it.

We were out all afternoon and traveled about 150 miles. We got 64 MPG for the trip.


  1. Heaven! (Both the trip and the gas mileage!)

  2. Is the GPS connected to your laptop? That might be inconvenient on a scooter...
    Is it built in? Tell me more.

  3. Daryl,

    I use my Ipaq with the same CoPilot software I use on my laptop. It has a GPS sleeve and I have Velcro on the back of the sleeve and on the dash of the scooter. You have seen my Ipaq.

    One of the possibilities is to use it to play MP3's at the same time I am using the GPS. I have not done that on the scooter yet, but I have in the car. I still need to get some speakers for my helmet. With those I will also be able to listen to the radio and possibly set up an intercom system so Dianna and I can talk while we are riding.


  4. I got a cheap set of headphones at Radio Shack and took them apart to use in my helmet. I cut out the area next to my ears so they would be recessed. They were a lot cheaper than the ones made for helmets and work very well. I use my mp3 player to keep me company on the work ride. I would like to get an AM radio that would do a good job but there don't seem to be any small ones that do that.