Friday, September 16, 2005

Hurricane Relief

I had wanted to do something to help the evacuees from Hurricane Katrina so two ladies from the park and I drove to Dallas yesterday to work in Salvation Army's warehouse sorting donated items. They also serve meals at Reunion Arena and the convention center but by the time I got ahold of someone they had the meals covered. So we went to one of their warehouses only to be told they needed us at a different one. We managed to get lost on our way to that one but, after asking for directions (I know - this is a foreign concept to you men out there!), we found it.

It is an absolutely huge building and we were in only one of many they had there. It was hot, too. No air conditioning. It was an unbelievable site to see what all has been donated for the hurricane victims---and this just in the Dallas area. They are no longer accepting clothes as that is the first thing people think of in times of disasters. But, like one of the women said yesterday, "People don't die from lack of clothes. They die from lack of food, and shelter and water."

We worked in the personal hygiene section. A lot of the donations came from businesses as the wrappings were still on many of the items. Most of the rest was new but some people just emptied their medicine cabinets and donated partially used items (which were promptly thrown out).

We didn't stay as long as I had planned as one of the ladies was not doing well with the heat. But it was an wonderful experience to see the outpouring of caring and support by so many to help others. To see what all has been given and to see so many volunteers in action.

When we got home I realized I hadn't taken my key with me! So I went to a few neighbors and asked if I could try their keys in the lock. Of course, none of them worked. So I finally called Richard to tell him of my plight. He had gone in to work late yesterday so I really didn't think he'd come home early for me. But a little over an hour later he called me on my cell to ask me how many men would drive home on a scooter in a thunderstorm to rescue their wives. I told him, "not many"! I was so grateful he had!!

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  1. Speaking of hurricanes, looks like you guys could get some rain and wind by the weekend.