Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Getting Ready

Today was the day to get all the paperwork and other preparations done for my disc replacement surgery on the 23rd. I am convinced that surgery is not done with medical instruments but instead is done with paper! In addition to signing about 100 documents and confirming that I do not have any allergies for the umpteenth time, I watched a video on what to expect before and after the surgery, got my back brace (velcro & kevlar belt), had a physical including blood tests, did my pre check-in at the hospital and met with my doctor.

You always want to have an experienced surgeon when you undertake these kinds of things. Texas Back Institute has done more disc implants than any other facility in the country and Dr. Guyer has personally done over 200 of them. There are few if any who have done more. The access surgeon is also very important and needs to have a high level of skill according to what I have read so I asked Dr. Guyer about that. He told me that my access surgeon has done over 3,500 of these procedures! Talk about an experienced team.

I know it is not going to be much fun and will hurt for a few weeks, but I really hope the end result is an improvement in my quality of life so I can do the things I enjoy for the rest of my life. Our RV lifestyle requires some lifting and a certain amount of activity and flexibility that I just cannot do now without serious pain. I just want to get this behind me so I can start living again.

I appreciate everyone's concern and thoughts. I feel about as comfortable about it as one can given the circumstances.


  1. Tomorrow's the big day. I assume you are still on?
    Keep us updated.

  2. You're in our thoughts. I suspect it may be a few days before you feel like sitting in front of the computer.

  3. Thinking about you and sending love.

  4. Thinking of you today! I hope all goes well!

  5. Hoping to hear good news here soon...