Friday, March 31, 2006

New Bed

We purchased a new air bed a few days ago and it arrived yesterday. It was pretty large and we did not want to leave it outdoors overnight as there were thunderstorms all around us so Dianna decided to put it together after she got home from Dom's baseball game last night. With my supervision she managed to get it all done, but I think she is really appreciating me more lately with the realization that even simple things like putting the bed together take a certain amount of strength she usually does not have to summon. I actually hated to see her struggling with it because that is the sort of thing that is my job. I guess that is old fashioned thinking to some, but we have our roles pretty well defined and it has always worked well for us.

I am still moving very slowly. I feel much better and went all day without anything stronger than a couple tylenol. My biggest problem for the past few days was due to a side effect of the surgery and pain medication. At the risk of saying more than I want to, let's just say that I don't feel so "out of sorts" after last night.

My back was hurting again this morning so I took a pain pill and muscle relaxant. It really knocked me out and I think will try to take only half a dose if I need more. These are really strong codeine. I have absolutely no energy so need to work on building that back up. Talking short walks every day will help with that.

I see the Dr. on Monday for my first follow up and will let everyone know what he says.


  1. So everything came out all right in the end, huh? ;) That always makes anyone feel better!

    Tell Dianna I feel her pain. You sure appreciate having a man around the house after having to do the manly things yourself a time or two (or three ...or four ...or five ...or ... well, you get the point. Feeling sorry for me yet?)

    When will you be up to taking a trip to CA?

  2. You must be related to me; I often feel "out of sorts". About all I have in my refrigerator are remedies for that situation.

    Dianna has it harder than I did when I had to learn to do things for myself; I just give Daryl a call, and put on my poor "defenseless woman's" voice. Too bad Chris isn't next door to you. Some things are just meamt for men to do.

    Be sure to let us know on Monday what the Dr. says.

  3. Oh crap, Donna! I thought we could keep this posting genteel.