Monday, August 14, 2006

Death in Paradise

When we went up to collect the clipboard for our noon camp check the young men who work the kiosk asked if we were aware of all the commotion. We didn't know what they were talking about so they told us a body had been found this morning (after our morning rounds) 1/4 mile into Camp Pendleton's property which butts up to the park's boundary.

Richard goes up & picks up the clipboard just before the kiosk closes each evening and when he was there last evening one of the Rangers was there waiting for a man to exit the park. The man was a convicted sex offender who had been arrested in this park a couple years ago. He was paroled a while back and one of his parole conditions was he not return to the park. The Ranger somehow knew he was there and so was waiting for him. He didn't leave the park while the Ranger was waiting last night and now we know why! Never let it be said Paradise is boring!!

I ended up taking Amtrak home yesterday - a nice excursion. We figured the price of fuel for a round trip in the truck vs. the cost of a ticket and it was no contest. So I had a nice ride and Richard didn't have to fight the horrible Sunday southern California traffic.

UPDATE:    Turns out the man wasn't murdered - he died of a heart attack.  But we had all thought the same thing, Daryl, that someone had gotten revenge.  Still we don't need those type of people around.

The train track is about 100 feet from our house but the station is about ten miles away.  The closest station is around five miles but the train doesn't stop there on Sundays.


  1. I love blogs! I definiely can keep in touch with all of you through them. Most of it is fun to read, and entertaining, but a murder--I don't think so. And a sex offender--that's not any fun to read.

    This sounds like my favorite TV show--"Law and Order, Special Victims Unit".

  2. Maybe it was a previous victim who was getting revenge on the sex offender?

    How close does Amtrack come to the park?

  3. See the updated information above.

  4. Does that mean that the sex offender is still running around loose?

  5. No Mom. That is the guy who was found. He just died of a heart attack instead of meeting foul play.

  6. I'd love to ride the train. I even looked to see if I could take one to Boise to visit the Holsingers, but couldn't find a route. We rode a sleeper train from Warsaw, Poland to Amsterdam when our airline tickets were stolen, and it was such a delightful adventure. Sounds like a great afternoon for you.