Monday, October 23, 2006

Family News

Happy 14th birthday Deidra!

Dayna went back to work a week ago. She was pretty wiped out at first but gradually got her strength back. She saw Dr. Kristoferson Wed. who gave her pictures he took during surgery. The tear in her cartilage (I was wrong - only one is torn - the lateral meniscus) looks pretty bad and that's what he clipped a rough edge off of. The ligament is so stretched I'm surprised she has any stability in her knee at all. She goes back in two weeks to determine the next step. She can only bend her knee about 90% but I'm sure that's normal. It's just a wait and see game now but we know she'll have to have, at the very least, a ligament graft.

Darin and Diane have put a bid in on a cute little house in Cleveland and should find out today if it was accepted or not. It's got dormers and nice porches front and back. They wanted something larger but, to stay in the same school district, they had to settle for a smaller house with less land. It will be such a step up for them from the falling apart mobile they've been living in for years. They are so excited and we're thrilled for them.


  1. I assume you mean Cleveland, TN? They aren't moving to Ohio, are they?

    Glad Dayna is back to work. A 90% bend this soon after surgery seems pretty normal to me, too. I hope they can improve it even further and reduce her pain.

  2. Is the doctor any relation to Kris? Maybe he could get an autograph for Dayna, which she could sell, and make some money.
    Keep us posted on Darin and Diane's house search. Sounds wonderful. Hope it works out.

  3. Kris Kristoferson, that is;not Chris Jennings?

  4. Haven't asked her. Good idea!